Stress-Free Smartphone

Smartphones have become more than just parts of our lives. No one can underestimate the physical health effects of holding our phones for long hours every day. Besides affecting our eyes and vision, our hands can undergo serious tension and tendon inflammation at the wrist and fingers' level.

Fortunately, every new problem that comes with technological devices is followed by a surge in market competition for all kinds of solutions. One of these problems is the constant pressure that your fingers and wrist undergo from holding a smartphone without proper support. I started to feel tension and pain in my wrist and thumb joint about a year  ago and sometimes I would feel weird numbness at the tip of my thumb for days, which was alarming. Until one day my friend gifted me a cute little round pop-socket that I stuck at the back of my phone, and since then I realized what I was missing out!

Holding it at any angle became so convenient, texting and typing wasn't awkward anymore, and  of course, my phone-dropping accidents rate dropped by 99.9%, pun intended ;) 

We have ordered a bunch of these little miracles and chose the mandala designs because they are simply classy, meaningful and pretty. You can buy as many as you want, give them out as inexpensive yet much valuable and useful gifts for friends, family and co-workers, or just pop them in Christmas socks or in any gift set as a thoughtful, smart extra treat. Who doesn't love getting things that they will actually use and benefit from for a long time. 

You can check out our set of mandala pop-sockets, they will definitely make your life easier and your smart-phone look smarter and feel friendlier. No more weird numb fingers, no more tendon inflammation and pain, and no more broken screens, yey! Enjoy the new comfort!






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