How To Start Your Morning Routine

When any day can be full of unexpected surprises, it might be challenging to stick to your morning routine. Start today by following simple tips and enjoy the benefits. You are welcome :)


1. The key to executing any decision is your intention. Once you truly desire to start something new, the habit will follow. Not sure what we are talking about? Look inwards and ask yourself: am I ready to do what it takes? 

2. Preparation for the following day in advance is always beneficial. Trying to start waking up early? Going to bed at least 15 minutes before your usual time will help you enormously. Each minute you enjoy your night dreams before midnight will help you get a more profound sleep experience.

3. To-do List - of course! Instead of keeping the number of random things to do, just write it down. If you you prefer an electronic device to paper and pen - the apps are there for you (To Do List by Microsoft is one of the best).

4. Go gradually. Overwhelming yourself with new habits can lead to a burnout. Start with small steps - implementing a five minutes habit until you are fully comfortable with it, will bring you a long way.

5. Stick to it. Acquiring a habit is a constant action of reminding yourself about it. Each day you will be making a choice: "to be or not to be?". Go for it!

by Elvira on behalf of ELFA S.P.A.

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