About Us




Who We Are

ElFa's idea was conceived in the summer of 2020 by two ambitious women in the city of Montreal. Since then, their amazing journey of starting a new partnership business from zero began with its ups and downs and never-ending learning experiences. Our business project revolved around the idea of creating special gifts and selling them online. All our products are packed and shipped with love and care from our beautiful city. As we grow our business, we invite you to explore and expand different ideas and products with us. We plan on going greener and more sustainable as we develop our company, and we are very much into supporting local businesses, as most small businesses are experiences setbacks these days. 

This is an exciting adventure, and we will keep you posted on this website and on our blogs.  


Our Message 

We believe that being in peace is a personal decision which is cultivated from the inside and translated into everyday habits. The more in peace one is, the more they are able to give and share love and beauty with the world. Our goal is to share this beautiful message in different creative ways online, by spreading inspirational content and encouraging spiritual, entrepreneurial and personal growth. 


What does ELFA and SPA stand for? 

ElFa is a combination of the initials of its two co-founders Elvira and Fatima. SPA is for Spiritual, Personalized Approach, as we have our unique spiritual and creative outlook in life and in business. 

Peacefully yours, 

Elvira & Fatima

ElFa SPA Co. 



 This photo was taken in Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Ontario